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Interlibrary Loan and I-Share

What is I-Share?

I-Share is a free service offered to Lewis University students, faculty and staff. If you need a material that our collection does not have, you can look at the other 86 I-Share libraries to see if any of them house it. If they do, you can place a request through our library catalog.

You may also visit an I-Share library and present your Lewis ID at check-out. 

Loan Periods

  • Books are loaned for 28 days, with 3-6 renewals.
  • Audiovisuals are loaned for 2 weeks, with no renewals.
  • Renewals can be made when the item is overdue, but not once it's entered the lost status or if the max has been reached. 

Fines and Fees

There are no daily overdue fees for I-Share items. However, if the book hasn't been returned by the 29th day it's overdue, the material will then enter the "lost" status. The borrower will be charged the replacement cost and a processing fee. 

If the book is returned in good condition, the replacement cost will be removed but the borrower may still be responsible for the processing fee. The borrower will need to contact the library that the material was borrowed from to pay the fine.

How to place a request

Creating Your Account

You don't need to create an account to begin.  All you need to have handy is your study or employee ID number.

Click on the login button at the top right corner of the screen and choose Lewis as your institution.  Then follow the prompts for your ID number and enter your last name.

If you are having any problems or would like more guidance, please contact the Library Service Desk at 815-836-5300.

Your borrower ID

Your borrower ID number is your student or employee ID number with the numbers 24311 added at the beginning. For example, if your Lewis ID number is L10012345, your borrower ID will be 24311L10012345

"Sorry, this item is not requestable..."

Sometimes when you request an I-Share item, you might see a message that says "Sorry, this item is not requestable." This usually means the item is part of a non-circulating collection (like if the item is new, on reserve, or part of a special collection).

DVDs and CDs are almost always blocked as well, and audiovisuals are also hard to request (although some libraries do lend them out).