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Ecology Journal Club

This research guide will help you find resources for articles for your Ecology Journal Club course.

Very Brief Introduction to Citations

Video Courtesy of: North Carolina State University Libraries

Searching for the APA Citation

Need the APA style format for your article?


It allows you to search for a specific citation of an article.  Click on Advanced Search just below the Summon Search box to get to the advanced search page, or click on link below.  

Email the APA Citation to yourself!  

  •  Once you locate the correct article in Summon, mark the article on the results screen.
  • Then click on the "Saved items" at the bottom of the window to retrieve the marked items.
  • Once the dialogue box opens, choose APA citation style from the menu on the left.
  • If the article has been assigned a DOI by the publisher of journal, the DOI will be included in the APA citation.
  • You can then email this information to yourself.

APA Guides Available at Lewis in Print

CrossRef Guide


 It identifies the parts of an APA citation and shows how to use this information to locate the DOI for an article.

Use CrossRef to Locate a DOI

 provides a way for you to locate a DOI.

  • If you have bibliographic data for a item and would like to find the DOI, please use the metadata section of this form.
  • If you only have an article title and author, please use the article title search section of this form.

Citing Sources in APA Style Online Guides

Writing Center

Need help with a paper?  The Writing Center, located on the first floor of the library, has tutors who can help students organize, edit, and revise a paper, improve research skills, cite APA, MLA and Chicago style, and more! 

You can make an appointment by clicking HERE or by calling 815-836-5427.