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News Sources: How to Know if a Source is Credible/Legitimate vs. NOT Credible/Illegitimate/Misinformation

What is Misinformation and Why do Some Sources Label it News?

Misinformation in news stories circulates quickly and can sometimes be hard to spot because it takes many forms. The important thing to note is that misinformation is different than disinformation. Misinformation is generally not intentional and usually is the result of a mistake. Disinformation is always intentional.  Regardless of the form it takes, both misinformation and disinformation are harmful, but, the level of harm varies depending on the type and level of the false information.

In this guide, you will learn how to properly evaluate your sources and make sure that they are credible. This is especially important to learn when looking for sources for research papers and other assignments.

How to Spot Fake News